My Story…

As a kid, I had a lot of energy.

Then I had kids.

Energy became a currency, and I was poor. Always.

If you’re a parent – you’ll know this feeling. Our children (whom we dearly love) not only pull on our heart strings, but they consume every bit of energy that we have.

For a long time I desperately tried to give my children my best, often at the expense of my own health.

I failed to rest well, and it forced me to grapple with the reality that I am not a superwoman.

That’s where Simple Retreat candles play an important role.

Because the message behind Simple Retreat is: When we feel rested – we are BETTER versions of ourselves for what we do, and who we love.

SO, when you open your parcel, hold our gift box and light the candle, I hope your mind is touched by a sense of calm so – even in a small way – you may feel rested and power through your day with joy and ease.

x Tanya

(Pic 1 featuring our littlest go-getter Nicholas, our quiet but social Oliver and my biggest support and husband, Shane; Pic 2 ft my artist friend Meryl and I working hard to make magic).

The Making Of…

Starting 7 years ago, from kitchen stovetop making to international manufacturing, Simple Retreat has grown in beyond-imaginable ways!

Simple Retreat has seen a number of stages of refinement – from candles first packaged in clear cellophane, to jars with paper labels from Officeworks, to professionally printed labels with purchased digital images, to labels with basic, self-drawn images. It’s been quite the learning journey.

Whilst our candles remain hand-poured in Ballarat (by yours truly), my dissatisfaction with the all-too-common candle jars and label appearances challenged me to push my creative boundaries. Trust me – most Aussie candle businesses source their jars from the same suppliers!

So, throughout 2020 I worked closely with an international manufacturer to custom design a ceramic jar that oozes elegance and simplicity for your home. Not to mention a great gift if you love the idea of giving a candle that is of a completely unique design.

But that wasn’t all- I wanted to juxtapose the simple white jar with a beautiful, vibrant and colourful gift box. After all – who doesn’t love a bit of gorgeous packaging?

My dream for Simple Retreat has always been to pair fragrances with destinations that invite rest and relaxation. So, over many months, I worked closely with my friend Meryl McPherson, who carefully brought each and every detail of my design concepts to life for every gift box. Yes – even down to the minor bath-board decor additions on my Lavender and White Tea candle!

Ultimately, it’s my hope that when you look at the gift box, you can actually picture yourself there, and that the artwork makes for a lovely moment to daydream and drift away from life’s chaos to give your mind a break. PLUS, it might even spur your next holiday planning sesh.

I can only hope you and your loved ones love what you see across the candles and the gift boxes, just as much as I do.

Thanks for reading and enjoy shopping friends,

[Tanya Robertson | Mama + Maker]