Spring has sprung!

So why not bring the scents of spring into your home

with my ceramic soy candles, exotic fragrances

and daydream-worthy gift boxes.

Hi! Tan here.

If you need a break from life’s chaos…if you’re looking for ways to rest, relax or transform areas of your home into a haven… welcome to the club.

Because I feel the same way!

These candles were released in March 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. One collection was born out of my goal to embrace the everyday life, and the other collection was inspired by travelling, escaping, simply having a break.

So why not take a moment to browse my range and see if there’s a fragrance with a beautifully paired illustration that can help spark your next simple retreat.

(Maker + Mama)

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“Probably the most addicted I’ve ever been to scented candles! Feels so good to have a Simple Retreat candle on right before bed or just before guests come over (pre-Covid!) to welcome them home.” – Thai Phuong