Getaway Collection x 6 Large Candles (SAVE $60.00!)


Say goodbye to last minute gift buying when you purchase our entire Getaway Collection – LARGE SIZE.

PLUS you will SAVE $10 PER CANDLE in this collection, with a total saving of $60.

I guarantee you, a candle like this will turn heads.

Included in this collection are:

1 x Alpine Chalet | French Pear

1 x Bali Beach | Orange Blossom & Coconut

1 x Oriental Spa | Bamboo & White Lily

1 x Spring Gardens | Champagne & Berries

1 x Tahitian Breeze | Hibiscus, Raspberries & Passionfruit

1 x Tuscan Summer | Sweet Melon & Ripened Fig


There’s nothing worse than remembering you need to buy a gift for that celebration that has crept up on you in life’s busy seasons.

We get it.

So, why not set yourself up for success with every function by purchasing the full Getaway Collection, and save $$ and last minute madness all at the same time!

Alternatively, if Covid is killing your inner wanderlust, why not treat yourself to this range of fragrances to enjoy over the weeks and months to come?!


1 x Alpine Chalet Large Jar

1 x Bali Beach Large Jar

1 x Oriental Spa Large Jar

1 x Spring Gardens Large Jar

1 x Tahitian Breeze Large Jar

1 x Tuscan Summer Large Jar


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